My Church Trinity-West Coast Ministries
(Trinity Christian Center)
Online Church Services: Sunday 10:30 (Pacific Time)
How we came to be-our church history
Trinity Christian Center (Now MyChurch Trinity) is located in Morgan Hill, California. This church was planted out of the Lighthouse Outreach ministry. In 2002 Pastor Shalea Adams became Director of the Lighthouse Outreach and the church was born six months later and became part of the Assemblies of God.
Our youth outreached ministered to the youth of our community, six days per week: feeding programs, tutoring, discipleship, internship opportunities, entertainment, education and guidance counseling. Our lead pastor, also served the community as a police chaplain for five years, and held weekly services for the elderly for over three years.
Over the past many years the church has grown and become a place of community and fellowship where the love of God is shared through the power of the Holy Spirit and the message of the gospel of peace. Consequently, the church is an independent work able to both sustain and answer the call of God to go forth and preach the gospel and disciple those being saved.
We have reached around the world to share the message of hope in Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, France, Costa Rica, South America, and the United States. We have ministered to the indigenous peoples of the North and dedicated our time and resources to reaching out to the elderly populations of our community. We support international ministries and orphanages around the world and have helped rebuild churches New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. We have a heart for the disadvantaged and hope to continually bring hope and relief to the powerless.
In 2019 Trinity changed its name to MyChurch Trinity, changed denominations (Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee) and embarked on a new adventure to plant a church in North Carolina!
We have multiplied!
MyChurch Trinity-West Coast
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